COD & Theology

If any of you have played Call of Duty: Black Ops, you know it can be an addictive game to play.

Especially in the multiplayer section, where you get to team up with other people in an attempt to best the opposing team.

Just picture a bunch of boys/men (and some girls/women) glued to their T.V. ignoring everything and everyone around them. Their minds are focused on one thing…destroy the enemy.

What I find funny in the game is that there is very little strategy by most players. The game starts and they recklessly run full blast for the first person they find and try to shoot them first. Or they might find a hiding place and try to snipe, but all the while they keep their back exposed to a sneak attack.

The players that do the best team up and work together to earn the most points, expose the other teams weaknesses and get a victory for their team.

COD basically explains my view of how we should study the scriptures and journey through life together.

We were meant to journey together. We were meant to be accountable to someone other than ourselves.

We were meant to live and learn in a group environment. We were meant to have each others back and work to help the other achieve the best outcome for their life.

We were meant to help each other experience God in a real and tangible way.

Whose got your back?

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