Party In A Graveyard

As we approach this coming Easter Sunday, I got to thinking about where the events of Jesus death and resurrection took place. We often think of graveyards as a place that is scary or forbidden. And yet they are very beautiful places when you stop and think about it.

Cemeteries are places that we have placed our loved ones. A place we can go to when we want to and visit them or talk to them. They should be a place of rejoicing for our loved ones lives past, as well as, mourning for the life we miss.

Most of us would not think about throwing a party in a graveyard and yet that is what we do in times of celebration. The greatest news anyone has ever heard, happened in a graveyard just outside Jerusalem.

The resurrection is a event worth celebrating. Because in him we have found life.

So, go find a graveyard and throw a party!

Or, if your not comfortable with that, find a local church body and join them as we celebrate and throw a party for our Savior, who has brought freedom and life.

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