Words Matter

The plain and simple fact is “Words Matter.”

It seems there are still lessons we continue to learn even as we get older and mature.

This past Sunday I was giving a lesson at Discover Church on Christ being light.

I talked about how light is a good and healing thing. But how it can also be a violent offense to us as it brings out the darkness inside of us.

I was building momentum using examples of our darkness and how we use the darkness to hide, to conceal.

I said, “some of the times when we have partied too much or had a booty call…”

Yup, I said booty call.

My point was one I wanted to make. I wanted to bring a bad image to their head. But in the process of waking them, I might have lost some of them.

Why? Because words matter.

Was what I said wrong? No, I don’t think so.

But it didn’t matter. All that mattered was how the audience perceived or heard my words.

It’s a reminder that what I say can be taken many different ways.

It’s a reminder that I need to be careful when choosing my wording.

It’s a reminder that I still make mistakes.

You ever had a slip of the tongue?

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