En Gedi

There is this book in the Bible called the Song of Songs. The book is a love letter.

In the letter these two lovers speak to one another using some pretty descriptive adjectives to describe their love.

At one point she says, “My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blossoms from the vineyards of En Gedi.”

En Gedi was a oasis, a “kid spring” in the middle of nowhere, a desert. En Gedi was a place you could find renewal in the midst of a harsh environment.

She wanted to make their live together En Gedi, or a place of refreshment in the midst of a harsh world.

We all have a place like that and if you don’t you need to find one.

A place where you escape after a long day.

A place to find renewal after a troubled time.

For some people En Gedi is not a place, but rather a person. Which in my opinion is even better.

For me En Gedi is my family.

When the world seems to fall apart they are there, making me laugh or bringing me refreshment.

God is also my En Gedi, my source of strength when I feel broken and weary.

What’s your En Gedi?

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