Skateboards, Poop & A Handful of Patience

“Daddy, Gavin pooped his pants!”

“Where is it at?”

“I didn’t poop my pants, I pooped on the skateboard; there it is! Sorry!”

I couldn’t believe it! I mean a big ole’ plop of poop right there on his skateboard in a tightly formed ball.

His clothes were still on! How did he do that?!?

It was all over him. I had to take a deep breath, ushering him to the bathroom and get him cleaned off. Which really consisted of me throwing him in the shower after trying to clean it the best I could.

Being a parent requires patience. Especially when kids are so unexpected in the way they live life.

Our Father has all kinds of patience I bet.

Think about all the times we have “pooped ourselves”. We just make a big mess and say, hey God there it is. I did that! Sorry!

And luckily we have an all patient Father, who picks us up and starts to clean us off. And sometimes He even has to throw us in the shower sometimes.

What messes have you been making?

Any messy stories about your children?

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