New Life & Freaking Out

I don’t remember all the details of my wedding day. But not for the reasons you might think.

My memory has faded out some details because I was so focused on not messing or not fainting.

I don’t get nervous about many things, but to be completely honest I was freaking out.

Then she started walking down the aisle, smiling at me and everything disappeared. All the nerves were gone.

I had no idea what I was getting into, but that didn’t matter because we would do it together.

Often this is what our life looks like coming into the family of God. We are nervous because we don’t want to mess up and we freak out thinking about a all-powerful God. Or maybe we freak out because we can’t fully understand God and there are so many unknowns with Him.

But then we start to see Him and all those nerves disappear. Because we realize no matter what comes, we will deal with it together.

We find our new life together and that new life is all that matters!

Don’t let your fears stop you from the beauty of a new life waiting!

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