JEJIT (Just Enough Just In Time)

Is it just me or does God and Jesus always seem like they show up late to things in the Bible?

He was late helping a couple have a baby (they were like 100 & 90).

I mean he was late saving his people from Egyptian slavery.

He was late helping the man with a sick daughter.

He was late saving his best friend from death.

And the Bible is filled with many more stories like these.

To our minds it seems like they are late. But really they are just “JEJIT”! They are “Just Enough, Just In Time!” They come when we need, at the exact moment we need it and give us just what we needed, no more, no less.

And this gives me comfort for some strange reason. It helps me not panic in hard situations, because they have proven themselves faithful over and over again to bring about “JEJIT”!

Realizing this has brought me peace in my life and I pray it will in your life too.

When has God shown up in your life and given you “Just Enough Just In Time”?

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