Christian Amnesia

I would like to start off by saying welcome to our post-Christian world.

We are living in an age like never before where the idea of being a Christian is more of a social club than a revolutionary movement.

We are living in a time where people have forgotten what it means to live out Christ in our everyday lives.

What it means to follow Jesus and live out a Biblical worldview.

What it means to be trend-setters instead of letting the world do it.

In his newest book “The Church in an Age of Crisis,” James Emery White says this:

“The most foundational understanding of the culture of our Western world and the future that it portends is that it is increasingly post-Christian. By post-Christian, I do not mean non-Christian. I do not mean anti-Christian. I mean we live in a country that is increasingly losing any memory of what it means to even be Christian.” (Chapter 1, pg. 19)

What do you think? Do you agree with this statement?

Are we living in a world where we have developed Christian amnesia?

Are we losing what it truly means to be a Christian?

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