I’m A Zombie Hunter

Let me just say this, I love Zombie movies. Zombieland is one of my favorite movies and I am religious about watching the Walking Dead.

And I would be lying if I said I haven’t had thoughts about what I would do and how I would do in a Zombie Post-Apocalyptic world.

Answer: I would do amazing! (Just saying!)

There is something appealing about fighting the living dead. They are not real. They can’t think or make decisions. They are just consumed with one thing, devouring flesh.

There is another war that is going on behind the scenes as well.

In this war there is something that wants to devour our flesh.

In this war people must be willing to fight an enemy that is hard to kill.

But in this war, the disease can be turned.

Life without Jesus Christ is death.

There are many of us walking around like the living dead. The only think keeping us alive is our brains and nothing else.

But Jesus offers a life apart from all that. He offers a full life filled with freedom and purpose.

He offers a life that has meaning.

I still believe in the mission of Jesus.

My life is filled with trying to show people another way to live; showing people how to get rid of the death that lives in them and gain life eternal.

So in many ways I am a Zombie Hunter.

But instead of bringing permanent death upon them, I seek to bring about life.

I risk my life on a daily basis so that others might live.

It’s a better way.

It’s the way of Jesus!

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