All Eyes On Us!

I’m sitting here reading all about the what has been going on at the Golden Globes. I will probably have to wait a few days until we will get to watch it here in NZ.

I find these award shows fascinating. These award shows are a chance for the stars, those we admire and look up to, to dress up extra nice for all the world to see. It is a time for them to put on a little show for the world and for each other.

They dress a little nicer than usual.

They smile a little more than normal.

They mingle a little bit longer than they want to.

They know they are on display and they want to look their best in all areas of their life.

Well…at least most of them do!

It has got me thinking….

I’m on display constantly.

I’m on display with the world as well, but for a different reason.

Celebrities are on display because the world wants to be them.

I am on display because they world wants me to be it.

Celebrities are on display because we want to know everything about them.

I’m on display because the world wants me to know everything about it.

But I’m also on display with God.

He is constantly watching me…He is constantly watching you.

So, why am I not always putting on my best?

Everyday I should be living as if I am being watched, in all aspects of my life.

From the clothes I wear, to how I treat the people around me.

I am on display and what I do tells a lot about who I am.

To the world and to God.

We need to live in the full knowledge that all eyes are on us!

When we walk in a room…

When we go out at night…

When we walk in the club….(couldn’t resist)

We don’t have to show up at the Golden Globes for this to be a reality in our lives.

Let’s live better.

Let’s live different.

Let’s live as if we are being watched!

Because frankly, we are.

What would you wear to the Golden Globes?

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