I Need Thee

I live most of my time going through this world as if I have control over every aspect of my life. If I succeed it is because I was amazing. If I fail it is because I wasn’t good enough. I go through life living as if I need no one but myself. But deep … More I Need Thee

Invite Me

We can try all the outreach strategies we want. We can put together all the most creative programs we can. We can make our worship services be the most entertaining possible. But statistics still show that most people come to know Jesus and become part of a church community because of two major things: 1) … More Invite Me

My Think Tank

Welcome to my new blog. I created this space as a place for me to get out all the weird things that go on in my head on a daily basis. But more than anything, I am a big believer in living this world out together. I don’t claim to have it all together. I … More My Think Tank