What’s your value system?

We all have principles in which we live by. We all have a value system. Very rarely do we take the time to hear what someone else’s value system is. Many times we make assumptions that others must have the same value system as we do. This is true in Christianity as well. Just because … More What’s your value system?

Thin Places

In his book “A Traveler’s Guide To The Kingdom,” James Emery White talks about this idea of thin places. Deeply rooted within Celtic spirituality are what are known as “thin places.” The Celts believed that the other (spiritual) world was always close to us, but it was at these places that the veil between the … More Thin Places

Knees & Feet

As I read through scripture, it seems to me there are only two positions people find themselves: on their knees and on their feet. On their knees in prayer to God. On their knees in awe of God. On their knees before God. Then, on their feet following God. On their feet “going” into the … More Knees & Feet


Another blog on Creativity from Carlos Whittaker, Ragamuffin Soul. This is a video by Ira Glass. Sometimes creativity is hard. Sometimes it seems like everyone else is producing great work and we are stuck with mediocrity. But what we don’t know is all those who are producing great stuff, went through a time of trials … More Creativity