Casual Ministers

I was working out of MCDs the other day (in New Zealand you go get free internet anywhere you can) and as any good minister would do while working, I eavesdropped on surrounding conversations.

One conversation in particular caught my attention. Two ladies where talking about their partners and how it was nice to have coffee together. Then one of the ladies said to the other, “My boyfriend has this minister friend, but he is not like most, he is more casual, you know like he doesn’t really make a big deal about the whole sex before marriage thing.”

I may be old fashioned but I believe sex is one of the great gifts God has given us and I believe it is best served between life partners. But this is not about sex, it is about a way of life.

I consider myself a pretty cool minister (I might be the only one who thinks this), but at the end of the day, my job is not to be cool. My life is to be Christ. I don’t get to take the cool parts of Jesus and show those and then disregard the parts that might upset people.

The problem is I have probably done this at times. I know I have been in situations where I compromised my beliefs for the sake of a current reputation of coolness.

Jesus is not always cool; but He is always great.

Jesus is not always politically correct; but He always speaks truth in love.

Jesus is not always casual; but He is always the way.

May I never sacrifice my faith for the acceptance of the world.

What is a casual minister anyway?

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