Becoming A Yes Man

Step 1: Say Yes

Step 2: Go do it

I’m tired of letting fear rule my decisions.

I’m tired of not living out my God-Dreams because someone thinks it’s impossible.

It’s time to become a Yes Man!

I’m not talking about becoming a butt-kissing yes man.

I’m talking about becoming a man who is not afraid to take risks to see goals accomplished.

I’m talking about becoming a man who lets vision drive energies, not fear.

I’m talking about becoming a man who looks at challenges like an experiment and learns from mistakes instead of letting mistakes stop him in his tracks.

I wonder what would happen if for one month I said yes to everything that came my way, no matter how hard or scary? Well, I guess I would have a really busy schedule! But the principle is still there.

When I die I want to have said yes to more things than I said no to.

I want to live brave and courageous.

What do you need to say yes to?

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