Beginning with the End

So I have a habit that a lot of people don’t like. But it is a habit that has helped me over the years when it comes to retaining and understanding information.

I read the first so many chapters of a book, then I read the last chapter to see how it ends and then I read the rest of the book.

Many hate this because it ruins the surprise. Sometimes that is true.

But by knowing the end, I am able to piece everything together with confidence throughout the rest of the book.

I am not advocating that anyone pick up my bad habit; although, I am quite the speed reader.

But think about this in terms of Jesus. We know he wins! Game over! It is finished!

We know how the story ends and knowing that should make all the difference in our lives.

We should be able to walk the rest of our story with confidence because we know, that in Jesus, we have life. End of story!

I told you my bad habit, so what’s yours?

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