Spiritual Evolutionist

Living organisms are said to evolve over time, in order to survive. It is the way in which they adapt to continue on from generation to generation.

Our faith needs to evolve as well. The idea of Spiritual Evolutionism explains why Christianity has thrived while other ancient religions have died out over time.

It explains why people in different countries can worship the same God, but in completely different ways.

God created Christianity with the ability to adapt and change in its different environments.

We have been given the ability in the body of Christ to change when needed – to grow fins when we need to swim and wings when we need to fly, so to speak.

I am a “Spiritual Evolutionist” because I believe that the best way to reclaim the gospel in times of Change is not to cling more tightly to our methodologies, but to hold them with an open hand.

Sometimes God uses changes in our environment to help us let go of the things we do not need, to teach us something new.

As times change, so must we if we expect the Message of Jesus Christ to be heard, understood and lived out.

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