Tired Feet & Muddy Jeans

This past weekend my family and I participated in our 3rd Relay for Life charity event. For those who don’t know, Relay for Life raises money for cancer research. You walk in shifts for 18 hours straight.

The weather wasn’t great. It rained hard and long. It was wetter than that time you woke up thinking you were in a pool only to find out you had wet the bed.

The track was a grass/dirt track, so it became real muddy, real fast. And after hours of walking people’s feet where tired and their clothes were covered in mud from head to toe.

Something I learned about this weekend is, a true cause is bigger than you. And people are willing to unite and fight for a true cause. They are willing to sacrifice for a true cause.

Sometimes a cause looks like feeding the poor.

Sometimes a cause looks like protesting.

Sometimes a cause looks like tired feet and muddy jeans.

Sometimes a cause looks like a man hanging on a cross.

What’s your cause?

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