Top 10 Favorites Songs (Right Now)

I love music. It really feeds my soul! So below are my 10 most listened to songs currently. Let me know what you think and I want to hear what you are listening to as well. Any music out there I should know about?

Top 10 Favorite Songs (Right Now)
1) “The Cave” – Mumford & Sons
2) “Volcano” – Damien Rice
3) “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” – Avett Brothers
4) “God of Second Chances” – Carlos Whittaker
5) “Thank You” – Chris Cornell
6) “Dancing in the Mindfields” – Andrew Peterson
7) “Plans” – Birds of Tokyo
8) “Ain’t No Reason” – Brett Dennen
9) “Gravedigger” – Dave Mattews
10) “Fortunate Son” – CCR

There is a lot more I would love to share, but these are getting played a lot lately.

What’s in your playlist?

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