Why Not?

We spent a lot of our time asking the question “Why?”

“Why should I eat right?”

“Why should I workout?”

“Why should I care about…?”

“Why should I change?”

“Why should I take that risk?”

You fill in the blank. But we ask the question “why” a lot.

Sometimes “why” is a good question to ask. But if asked to much it might prevent us from doing things we were created to do. “Why” might keep us from our ultimate passions. Maybe because we are scared. Maybe because we are afraid to fail.

So, here is a exercise I think we should all try. Instead of asking “why” try asking “why not”?

By asking “why not” we might find ourselves taking risks and putting ourselves in areas where we are most passionate about life.

You might be asking “why should I do that?”

Why not?

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