Prayers of a Moron!

Lately I have been getting a little frustrated by the moron’s who decide to throw around their desire to see others suffer in statements such as, “this is what I pray for.”

Just saw a post where a guy said that his ultimate prayer was for those “@#$holes” in OKC and the Thunder to lose against the Spurs in the next round.

There were also death threat comments in terms of what they would like to see happen to fans. And then, yep, they threw in I’m praying for something bad to happen.


We live in a world that is broken.

We live in a world that needs restoration.

I have friends who are hurting.

I have friends who are dying.

And you want to pray for the pain of others?!?

This is your ultimate prayer?

Your a moron!

Your a tool!

Get over yourself!

It’s just a game!

You want to pray? You want to use that word?

Pray that people find peace!

Pray that people work together to heal a broken world.

Pray that people find comfort.

Pray for your children.

Pray for your friends.

Sir, you need Jesus bad!

Rant over!

But then I realize, that I need to hear this too!

I realize that I pray for too many things that don’t matter.

I realize that I pray for wrong reasons, with wrong motives.

I realize that I don’t pray enough.

I realize I’m that moron at times.

I realize I’m that tool.

I realize I need Jesus!

God forgive me and teach me to pray!

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