1% of What You Do

Little things really do make a difference in peoples life. And it is those little things that we sometimes skip over and miss out on.

We are so worried about making sure the “big” things get done that we decide the “little” things can take a back seat.

But think about his for a second. Disney designs their world down to the smallest degree. Why? Because when you walk into the kingdom they want you too feel like you are in a whole new world. They want you to experience life as they have designed it. They want you to forget your world behind and enjoy the now.

Mark Batterson:

“I’m convinced that 1% of what you do makes a 99% difference.

For example, I love staying at the Doubletree hotel and those of you who have stayed at a Doubletree know exactly why: warm cookies. The warm cookies have nothing to do with the hotel business. They don’t make the beds softer or the rooms nicer. But those cookies are a 1% intangible that makes a 99% difference. How I feel about Doubletree is dictated by their cookies!

You don’t have to do a lot to make a big difference. You just need to figure out the 1% intangibles that make a 99% difference!”

Whatever you do, whether in business, as a teacher, a minister, a parent or even a friend. The little things matter in helping people experience the world the way it should be. The way God intended it to be.

And that is not worth putting in the backseat.

What are your little things?

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