A Helpless Father

Both my kids have been sick lately. Gavin a few days ago and Rylee the last two nights.

She has a fever and a stomach ache.

As a person with Crohn’s I can understand both those symptoms she is going through.

And there is absolutely nothing I can do about.

Sure I can give her meds for the fever, but there is not a lot I can do about her stomach.

In many ways I am helpless! And it kills me!

I hurt when she hurts.

But here is the thing. Both of my kids want to cuddle when they are sick.

They crave my touch; my arms wrapped around them gently.

They believe that as long as they are with me, everything will be alright.

That I can give them.

When they hurt, they just want me.

I have a Father that is the same way.

Except He is not helpless.

In times of pain, may I learn to run to Him.

Not for healing, but rather, for His gentle touch and embrace.

To just crave to be with Him, knowing that in His arms everything will be alright.

What do you crave when you are sick or hurting?

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