Ghosts, Goblins & Things That Go Bump In The Night

For the most part I don’t mind being along and I don’t mind sleeping by myself.

But after 12 years of marriage, it gets a little weird when you are without your partner in bed with you.

Jennifer is out of town on a retreat and I have the kids alone for 4 nights.

There is something funny about the safety we find in numbers.

When Jennifer is here, I don’t hear a thing at night. But when she is gone, I hear everything.

I hear all the little bumps and creeps that happen in the night.

We were made for companionship and it shows up in every area of our life, whether we know it or not.

By the way, my kids ended up in my bed last night. They wanted to cuddle. They wanted to be with me.

And I slept like a baby after that.

See companionship in all shapes and forms.

Are you scared to sleep alone?

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