When Saying No Hurts

The movie wasn’t what she had thought.

You could see the mess that was her emotions swelling up inside.

We were about to experience WW3 or at least see what an exploding watermelon looks like.

She screamed, she flailed, she ran to her room.

She demanded, I mean demanded, another movie; a better movie.

And I said “No!”

Man that hurt. Not just her, but me.

I don’t like saying no to my little girl. I don’t like punishing her.

But sometimes discipline is necessary to learn and to grow.

I wonder if that is how God feels?

Our Father doesn’t like to tell us no. He doesn’t like to punish us.

But sometimes it is necessary for us to learn and to grow.

Being a parent is hard. You want what’s best for your children. You want them to reach their potential.

This is something our Father knows all about.

What are your parenting war stories?

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