Busy Being Busy

I sometimes can get to a point I think I am so busy that I can’t think straight. Then it gets to a point where I can’t get anything done, because I feel like I have too much to do.

The problem is I’m not always sure I’m as busy as I think I am.

As my friend says, “Sometimes we think making decisions or thinking, means I’m busy.”

And sometimes we can get it in our heads that we are so busy that we miss out on what God is doing right in front of us. We are just too busy to notice them.

Being busy, for no reason, is actually one of Satan’s best tricks for keeping us from doing the good that God would have us do in this world.

We often relate busy with being successful or important. “If I’m busy, then I must be successful. I must be important.”

And most of the the things we busy ourselves with are good things.

Craig Groeschel, in his book Weird, says: “Normal people allow good things to become the enemy of the best things.”

Really it all comes down to looking at what matters most and doing that.

If we will remove the false assumptions of being busy, and concentrate on what matters most, I believe we will start seeing God at work in more areas of our life.

So, what matters most to you?

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