The Art of the Spoken Word

I was reminded of something recently. Something that I once believed to be true. Something that I loved to do and dreamed of doing constantly. Something that all my energies and creativity went into. But something I let slip. Something I let go and become second. Something that I forgot the power of. But I … More The Art of the Spoken Word

Stalking Jesus

I spend a lot of my time figuring out ways to better follow Jesus and then helping others do the same. For so long in the church we accomplished this by teaching people they need to spend a huge chunk of their time studying about Jesus, reading about Jesus, memorizing scriptures and other facts. Now … More Stalking Jesus

The Less I See…

Have you ever thought how much time we spend looking in a mirror? I’m sure some people spend more time than others. But seriously, we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves. From the mirror bathroom to the storefront window (admit it your not just window shopping). Sometimes we look in the mirror to … More The Less I See…

I am…

I am the guy who says the wrong thing all the time. I am the guy who acts first and “usually” has to apologize later. I am the guy who will win your heart or earn your anger. I am the guy who has no business being a minister. I am the guy not worthy … More I am…

The Art of Wooing

I’ve been reading a fictional book lately that is reminding me of the Great Romance Story that is found throughout the Bible. It’s reminding me that we are intensely loved! It’s reminding me that we are fervently sought after! It’s reminding me that we are constantly being wooed! Sometimes it’s hard to think of it … More The Art of Wooing


Without hope what is left? Without hope why get up? Without hope where would you be? Hope is that thing that drives us. Hope helps us see a future that can be. Hope gives us strength to press on and take risks. Other things may fade away. Hope…always remains! May you today feel all the … More Hope…Always

An Old World God

I talk to people everyday who see God as nothing more than an old tradition that holds no value in their lives anymore. They see God as a nice fairytale to believe in, but not someone worth trusting in. They believe that God has no real value in their life. The problem that I’m seeing … More An Old World God