Lesson in Missing the Point

I realized lately that often we spend a lot a time telling people what they are not suppose to do. We set rules in place so people know what they shouldn’t be doing. Then we set up penalties if you are to break those rules.

When I was young I had a bit of a “potty mouth.” So my mom came up with a good idea. She created a list of words that I was to memorize and this list was filled with all the words I was not suppose to say. So being a good boy I took that list, memorized it and then proceeded to tell everyone I knew those words, including our local preacher.

I had the rules, I knew the penalty and yet I still did not abide by those rules. Why?

Why not?! Other than a penalty, there was no incentive not too.

I believe many find this to be true in their life. Whether it’s speeding, cheating on their taxes, stealing, etc. The penalty is not always enough to stop us from doing what we like.

It got me thinking. Maybe if we spent more time telling people who they are and what they could become; if we spent more time telling people what they were capable of and created for; maybe then people would begin to change.

There is power in knowing who you are and what you can achieve. It can be a powerful motivator.

It’s couching things in the positive instead of the negative.

I think I have missed this point at times in my life, as a man, a minister and a parent.

Where have you missed the point?

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