You Can Always Come Home

My kids have had a night time ritual ever since they were little, and even though, as they have gotten older, it has been less frequent, they still love it when I sing to them.

Both my kids have a favorite song: “You Can Always Come Home” by Andrew Peterson. It is a great song on a great kids album called “Slugs & Bugs,” a must get for anyone with kids. The song is all about a God who is willing to pay whatever price for us. It is a tale wrapped up in redemption, love and a longing for restoration. And no matter what we do, we have a Father who is saying, we can always come home.

That is my wish for you today. That no matter where you are in life and in your relationship with God, I want you to be fully aware today of a God who will pay any price to have you back with him. And he is your Father telling you, “You can always come home to me.”

That’s the way it’s suppose to be!

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