Where Are You?

God asks an interesting question of Adam and Eve in the garden. After they had eaten the fruit and chosen their own path, God asks them, “Where are you?”

I don’t think God was playing hide-n-seek with them. I don’t think his question had anything to do with their physical location.

Instead, he was asking them “Where is your heart?” God knew that it used to belong to him and know it was gone; and God wanted it back.

He asks the same question of us. He wants us back.

Life gets tough. Things don’t go the way we want them to. Obstacles block our path.

Friends die. Marriages end. Relationships get torn apart.

The world is a pretty brutal place. But in the midst of it is a God asking us the same question; inviting us to be a part of the solution. But he needs our heart to do it.

Where are you?

Where’s your heart?

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