The Church Was, Is & Will Be

As a minister and a Church Planter I spend a lot of my time trying to decide what the Church should look like, what the Church should be doing. I spend a lot of my time trying to convince, motivate and spur on people to live out this look for the Church.

At times I worry what will happen to the Church in the next generation. I worry if I am making an impact; if I am making a difference.

But the longer I do this, the more I am convicted of one fact: This is not my Church!

This is God’s Church!

It always has been and it always will be.

I can dream up as many different ways of being Church that I want, but if it is not lead and anointed by Him, then nothing will change; nothing will happen.

The fact is, Christ’s Church has changed throughout time to adapt to coming generations. Like no other people group, Christianity has adapted to it’s surroundings to speak an ancient message into new-age hearts.

The message has never changed, just the package in which it is delivered.

God has made sure that that the Church, His Church will remain for all time.

So, I can worry about what it should look like or be all I want.

Christ’s Church, with or without me…

Was, Is & Will Be!

Knowing that brings me peace and pushes me to do great things in His kingdom.

It’s His Church and I get to be a creative vessel in it.

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