The Business of Busyness

First of all, sorry it has been a while since I posted. I try to be pretty regular and post 2 to 3 times a week. Life got a little crazy and I got sick in between there. But I’m back now.

A hectic life and getting sick has brought me to this post. Having to lay low for a while I have begun to rethink what I do in my life and in my work. I have realized that at times I am in the business of busyness.

A lot of what I do, I don’t need to be the one doing it. It fills my schedule and my time. It makes me feel busy, but not necessarily productive. It keeps me from doing what’s most important.

So, I am weeding out a lot of “busy” stuff in an effort to do what I am most gifted at and what God has most called me to do. I am coming up with a list of those things that only I can do (I will share this list when I complete it). Those things that I am uniquely qualified to handle. Then I am going to put my full energies into those things. The rest I will either delegate or throw out.

This is my season of simplifying.

This is my season of growing.

This is my season of getting rid of the busy in order to be more productive in the areas that matter.

What keeps you busy? What makes you feel productive?

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