Perspective Matters

There are moments in life where you are headed in a certain direction, then you come to a crossroads and you have to decided which path you will take.

With you continue down the path you had been headed the whole time or would you choose the new path.

For most, we stay on the same path.

Some might say this is the smart thing. It is the path you have always known. It is a safe path, or so it seems.

The problem happens when you realize the path you have been going down all along is actually leading you to a slow death.

Maybe you keep drinking, knowing you should stop…but your fine, right!

Maybe you have high blood pressure in your family, you know you should eat healthy & exercise…but your fine, right!

Maybe you haven’t had a job in a long time, you know you should get out and find interviews…but your fine, right!

Or maybe your like me…

I have Crohn’s disease. I have known what I need to do so that it will stay in check for a long time, but do I do it? Nope, because I’m fine, right!

All these choices and more come down to perspective; how you see your life.

You keep drinking, you will remain an alcoholic and possibly hurt yourself or someone else.

You keep abusing your body, your blood pressure will sky rocket and you could have a stroke or possibly die.

You keep being lazy and you will never get a job.

If I don’t change my lifestyle my health will continue to deteriorate.

But do I see these consequences?

It is all about perspective.

There are many things in this world that we can not control, but there are many that we can.

Don’t fall victim to thinking your okay in areas you are not; physically or spiritually.

If I continue to remove myself from a relationship with God, there will be consequences too.

Make the most of your life.

Take care of yourself.

Pay attention to what matters most.

Make sure you have the right perspective!

Perspective matters!

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