Boat Burning


Have you ever been to a boat burning ceremony?

I have not, but I have seen one on T.V. and listened to those who attended and why?

A boat burning ceremony is all about getting rid of things that bring bad memories or choices you have made in your life.

It is about having a fresh start in your life.

People end of bringing all sorts of things to this ceremony: pictures, antiques, memorabilia, furniture, etc.

Then as it becomes dark, the burning begins and all sit back and watch as their cares and worries go up in a flame.

It is symbolic of getting rid of all the bad in their life so that they can be filled with good.

This is what our life in Jesus is like.

When we give our life to God, all our past mistakes, all our bad choices, disappear in Jesus.

We are given a fresh start!

We get to have a new life; one where we do things right this time.

And it doesn’t start there.

In Jesus, we are constantly made new through him and because of him.

You may have made some bad choices, but you can have a fresh start.

There is always an opportunity for a fresh start.

What do you need to burn in the boat?

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