What Makes A Good Life?

What makes a good life?

Money and stuff?


When asked the above question, most of us would probably answer in a very consumeristic way.


Because at the heart of it all we are a consumeristic people.

We believe that stuff truly makes us happy and if we can just get the next thing we will be happy.

The problem is the next thing, leads to the next thing and so on; this leads us to a never-ending journey for the good life!

But what if the good life didn’t lie in things we could buy with money?

What if the good life came from something deeper? Something we have known deep inside but really didn’t want to admit.

What if the good life came from an acknowledgement and acceptance that there is a great Creator who made a people destined to have a good life through Him?

The simplest way to have a good life lies in the opposite direction we normally look.

I can’t get the good life on my own, using my power.

The good life comes from the One who made me and if I would just put my life in His hands joy would follow.

May you find the good life and may the good life find you!

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