“Where You Going Daddy?”


It’s a typical Wednesday for me.

On these days I start at 7:30am and don’t usually get completely done with my day until 7pm that night. I only come home for a little bit to grab what I need and head out the door.

Every time I leave Gavin asks me the same question, “Where you going daddy?”

For some reason this time it stopped me in my tracks.

I try my best to tell my kids where I am going and what I do. I also try to only be out of the house no more than twice a week if I can help it. Wednesdays are hard days for everyone.

Today I wondered if he got it.

Does he realize where I am going? That I am going to help someone better understand God?

Does he realize what I do? That I am about my Father’s business? That I am following the mission of Jesus?

Does he realize that I would drop it all if he needed me? That my kids are my first and foremost priority in this world? That they are my first mission?

Then I started to wonder how sometimes I ask the same question of God, “Where you going daddy?”

I wonder if He is thinking the same thing:

Do I realize where He is going? That He is doing good in the world and making Himself known in and through all things?

Do I realize what He does? That He is restoring all things and making them right again?

Do I realize that He would drop it all if I needed Him? That I am His first and foremost priority in this world? That I am His first mission?

And then I wonder, do you realize the same thing is true about you?

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