Destroying Shiloh

There is this beautiful word in the Bible, “Shiloh.”

One way it translates is into the word peace.

Peace is something we all long for.

Peace is something we all want to see accomplished in our lives and in this world.

Peace is that place we feel safe.

Peace is that place we want to live in forever.

There is this interesting passage in the Hebrew scriptures where God tells his servant Jeremiah to tell the people of Israel that He will destroy them like he destroyed Shiloh.

Shiloh was an actual location. But it has a dual meaning. Not only did God destroy the physical location, but he also destroyed this idea of peace. But it was not real peace, because it was not from Him or of Him.

Too often we look for peace outside of God.

We allow this peace we create to become our safe zone, our comfort.

What God is saying to us throughout His scriptures is that “Shiloh,” peace is found in Him alone.

And if we won’t let God be our peace, if we try to constantly create our own versions of Shiloh, God will destroy that idol we create.

Sometimes in order for us to get to where we are suppose to be we will have to be ripped away from peace for a while.

It is in this time we grow and we mature. It is in this time we become wise.

And when we return to peace we appreciate it and understand it that much more.

We begin to truly see that peace alone rests in God.

Shiloh may be destroyed, but in God it can always be rebuilt!

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