Birds, Windows & Lessons in Learning the Hard Way

Most people know that I am not a bird lover.

I make no excuses up, I just don’t like them.

But I don’t really wish harm to them either.

So the other day we had a bird fly into our house.

For several minutes it was stuck in our house.

Every so often it would attempt to escape and fly straight into a window.

Window after window this bird would fly itself full steam into our beautiful clean windows.

The sad thing is that 5 feet away was a double door wide open.

But as I watched this poor bird it would never go for the open doors.

Rather, it would try every single closed window possible.

Then after it was worn out and had nothing left it finally discovered the open door and flew away to its freedom.

It made me think about my life with God.

He is constantly trying to show me the way.

But it seems like I will try every closed window time after time.

Then only when I’m worn out and have nothing left to I see the wide open door that God has put before me.

There is freedom through those open doors!

How often do we miss opportunities because we do not look?

God is opening doors all around us. Let’s walk through them instead of flying full steam into a closed window.

It’s easier that way!

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