Table Talk

One of the most common questions I get asked about in ministry by Christians is how do I share my faith with my friends. We all want a magical evangelistic method or pill that will help us get over our fears and get right into studying the Bible with our friends.

When asked this question I often ask several questions back. “What is your friends first and last name?” “What can you tell me about them?” “Do they have a family?” “What are their interests?” “What are their worries?” There are many more questions I could ask. I ask these questions to see how well the person knows their friend they want to share Jesus with. If they can’t answer some of the easy questions I tell them that is the best place to start in sharing your faith.

The good news of Jesus is a very personal message that translates into each persons life a little differently. In other words, the brilliance of the good news of Jesus is that it uniquely fits into each persons unique situation. If you are hurting Jesus has answers. If you are struggling Jesus has answers. If you have addictions Jesus has answers. If you are happy Jesus has answers. If you are looking to serve Jesus has answers. If you are lonely Jesus has answers. If you are searching Jesus has answers.

It is hard to share your faith though when you know nothing about them. When you don’t know what makes them happy, sad, mad, excited. So that is where we often need to start.

One of the greatest ways to do this is also one of the most under talked about method. It doesn’t take a ton of money. It won’t require you to have a PHD in evangelism. All it will take is your time and your desire to build real and authentic relationships. It is simply having people over for dinner.

There is something special, intimate and even holy about having people for dinner to talk about life. God has carved into our DNA a desire to for relationship. To sit across from other people and share our joys and burdens. Dinner makes that easier to do. Jesus seemed to be at dinner parties a lot. He went and he hosted. He listened and he talked. He showed us the method by which to develop authentic and holy relationships.

The joys of sitting around a table and sharing life together and discussing how God plays a part in all of it. I have found this to be one of the most effective ways to share my faith. Reason being, we are just having a discussion about how I see life and how they see life. We share ideas. We share stories.

There is no gimmick. There is no sales pitch. Jesus is not someone we can trick, convince or even manipulate people into following. Jesus is someone we share through stories and the interworking of our own life.

I know what Jesus has done for me and because of that I serve others. I know how much Jesus has loved me, so I love others. Whether they decide to follow Jesus or not, I share and I love. I serve and we dine.

Instead of searching for extravagant ways to share Jesus with those special people in your life, why not start with the simple ways of Jesus: people, food, tables, talking.

Lives change around a dinner table. I’ve seen it. I’m proof of it.

*A few books that have helped my thinking along these lines are:

The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door” by Jay Pathak & Dave Runyon

Flesh: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth” by Hugh Halter

Happy Hour: Etiquette and Advice on Holy Merriment” by Hugh Halter

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