Table Talk

One of the most common questions I get asked about in ministry by Christians is how do I share my faith with my friends. We all want a magical evangelistic method or pill that will help us get over our fears and get right into studying the Bible with our friends. When asked this question … More Table Talk

The Less I See…

Have you ever thought how much time we spend looking in a mirror? I’m sure some people spend more time than others. But seriously, we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves. From the mirror bathroom to the storefront window (admit it your not just window shopping). Sometimes we look in the mirror to … More The Less I See…

Boat Burning

Have you ever been to a boat burning ceremony? I have not, but I have seen one on T.V. and listened to those who attended and why? A boat burning ceremony is all about getting rid of things that bring bad memories or choices you have made in your life. It is about having a … More Boat Burning

Why I’m An Orthodox Radical

Orthodox: “Committed to exegetical living.” Radical: “Willing to do whatever and go wherever the Spirit leads, even if it doesn’t make sense.” *Taken from Forgotten God by Francis Chan For far too long we have had lines drawn in the religious realm. Words like: Conservative Liberal Radical Traditional Re-born Spiritual Charismatic All these words have … More Why I’m An Orthodox Radical

The Power of Fear

I heard it once said that, “fear is the most valuable commodity in the world.” Think about it: turn on the T.V. And what do you see? People selling products? No, they are selling the fear of you having to live without their product. We have all kinds of fear. Fear of aging. Fear of … More The Power of Fear