The Art of the Spoken Word

I was reminded of something recently. Something that I once believed to be true. Something that I loved to do and dreamed of doing constantly. Something that all my energies and creativity went into. But something I let slip. Something I let go and become second. Something that I forgot the power of. But I … More The Art of the Spoken Word

An Old World God

I talk to people everyday who see God as nothing more than an old tradition that holds no value in their lives anymore. They see God as a nice fairytale to believe in, but not someone worth trusting in. They believe that God has no real value in their life. The problem that I’m seeing … More An Old World God

How He Loves

Sometimes I overcomplicate my life. Sometimes I overcomplicate Christianity. Sometimes I beat myself up with guilt. But in those dark moments, I am reminded that there is someone out there that cares for me; who wants better for me. In those moments, I am reminded of a simple fact: How He Loves! He deeply loves … More How He Loves

Spiritual Vertigo

This is an old blog series I wrote about a year ago, but I feel it is still very relevant. So, for the next 4 weeks I will post one of the Spiritual Vertigo blogs on Tuesday (NZ time)/Monday (US time). Have you ever had one of those moments where, something happens that shakes the … More Spiritual Vertigo