An Old World God

I talk to people everyday who see God as nothing more than an old tradition that holds no value in their lives anymore. They see God as a nice fairytale to believe in, but not someone worth trusting in. They believe that God has no real value in their life.

The problem that I’m seeing doesn’t have anything to do with God being old or irrelevant. It has to do more with how we are presenting God’s work in this world.

“The message will never change, but the method of how is ever-changing.”

We are living in a time where things get changed faster than a baby’s diapers (which is fast, by the way). Styles change, fads change, interests change and personalities change. And just when you think you got one of them down, they change again.

But we are not keeping up with these changes. We just keep trying the same methods we are familiar with and expect the same results (which is the definition of insanity). We become so stubborn in our “traditions” and our delivery that we miss opportunities to show others Jesus.

It is not just our methods that hurt us, it is also how we see God working in this world. It is how we answer the question, “What is God doing?,” that causes us to miss out on opportunities.

In my blog a week ago I said we have the right answers to the wrong questions. We strive to tell people how to get to heaven, only to realize they are not asking that question. But that is all we seem concerned about; how to get people to heaven.

In another blog I would like to try and answer what I believe God is doing in this world and in us, and how this can impact the world we live in and those around us.

But for now, I want to leave you with this question:

If our only point in life is to get people to heaven, to another world somewhere else; then why do we feed the poor, fight for injustice and seek to restore our planet to a better condition?

Could it be that there is more to this life God has given us than just getting people to heaven?

I believe there is!

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