I Use To Be A Fundamentalist

“I use to be a fundamentalist…the kind who thinks that God is pretty much figured out already, that he’s done telling us anything new. I was a fundamentalist in the sense that I thought salvation means having the right opinions about God and that fighting the good fight of faith requires defending those opinions at all costs. I was a fundamentalist because my security and self worth and sense of purpose in life were all wrapped up in getting God right – in believing the right things about him, saying the right things about him too. Good Christians, I believed, don’t succumb to the shifting sands of culture. Good Christians, I used to think, don’t change their minds.”

– “Evolving in Monkey Town,” Rachel Held Evans

How many of you can relate to this quote? I know I can!

For me Christianity, was less about God knowing me, and more about me having the right answers.

For me Christianity, was less about finding a true relationship with God, and more about understanding everything about this All-Powerful Creator.

But that’s all changed now. For me it’s about something different. It’s about something more holistic. It’s more about relationship, mission and purpose found only in the One.

So, where are you?

2 thoughts on “I Use To Be A Fundamentalist

  1. great stuff brother! who you reading at the moment? Brian Mclaren’s “A generous Orthodoxy” is along these kind of lines…

    1. Thanks bro! I have read that book. Really liked it. Currently I’m starting Spiritual Discipline Handbook by Adele Cahlhoon, came highly recommended. Also reading Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, all about bold prayer. What are you reading?

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