Snowboarding, Falling & Jesus

Over the past two years my friend has been teaching me to snowboard.

He is good! I am not!

I essentially can make it down the mountain without falling and with complete control. But I can’t do a lot of the tricks he can do, like making jumps and doing rails.

As I have watched him on the jumps I have learned something. In order to complete a jump you have to put a lot of trust in your board and what it was designed to do.

Your board was designed to do tricks. It has edges designed to help you maneuver your way around obstacles and jump over ramps.

But you have to trust it; you have to pick your path, build your speed and trust that it can happen.

I think the same can be said about our life with Jesus.

Go with me on this. Too often we lose confidence to do something because we don’t trust that we were designed to do something great.

The fact is God designed us for greatness and Jesus showed us how to do it, just like my friend showed me how to make a jump.

But in order to accomplish those great feats. We have to pick our path, build our speed and trust that it can happen.

Sure we will fall along the way and it will hurt a little, maybe a lot. But those are all learning experiences to teach us. We learn from those mistakes, correct them and try again.

Trust! It is hard, but it is also the answer to many of our problems.

Trust the Creator, trust being the created and trust that Jesus will show you the way!

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