When Results Fail Passion Remains

Let me just say this and get it over with, if you have failed already in your life, you will.

If you have not failed or do not plan to fail then you probably aren’t living.

But this is not to talk about learning from your failure or even looking at life as an experiment.

This is about what happens when you let results dictate your next steps instead of passion.

When you fail you will be tempted to quit. Something in your head will tell you that you are not good enough or this was just a really bad idea. If you let results determine your next steps you will continue to make bad decisions. Your self worth will be found only in succeeding and when you fail you will quit.

But if you let your passion, for whatever you are doing, be your driving force you will look for ways to make positive changes and will eventually see the results you aspire to.

Your passion for something is what should drive you to next steps.

Your passion is what reveals your true heart.

When your projects, goals, life seem(s) to fail, your passion remains. Let your passion guide you and drive you.

What are you passionate about?

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