Letter To My Wife


How do you begin to write a letter to the person that completely changed your life?

How do you find the words to describe your perfect match?

I can only imagine that the scene in heaven went something like this:

Angel #1: Well God, we have this guy named Justin coming into existence soon.

Angel #2: Oh man, you should see the DNA coming together on this one. He is going to be a handful.

Angel #1: You’re telling me. I have to watch out for this guy. I’m going to be busy for the rest of his life!

Angel #2: God, he is going to be stubborn, arrogant (at least lacking humility), brash, irrational, temperamental at times, argumentative, spontaneous, did I mention stubborn.

Angel #1: Well, you said that as nice as possible.

God: It will be alright. I have the perfect solution. I have someone in mind. She is patient, kind and loving. She is humble, a peace-maker, rational. She will push him to be a better man. she is his perfect match.

Angel #1: She sounds perfect. Who is she?

God: Her name is Jennifer!

Angel #2: I don’t see her on the list?

God: That’s because to make her ready to handle the likes of Justin we will need an extra year of preparation. So she will be born next year.

Angel #1 & #2: Hallelujah!

Well, at least I think it went something like that.

Happy birthday beautiful! Love you!

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