Why Altar’s?

I have always found it interesting when God tells the people to stop whatever they are doing and asks them to build an altar. It makes me wonder “Why Altar’s?” It seems funny to me that God would want to look at a pile of rocks, as if He had nothing better to do.

But the more I have looked at those events, the more I realize that the building of the altars had nothing to do with God and everything to do with the remembrance of His people.

I think God wanted the people to stop what they were doing and build an altar so that they would remember. So they could remember the time they were rescued or the time they were shown infinite grace.

I believe in life we have to create moments, memorable moments. It is up to us to make scenes in our life, our families, our friends that is worth remembering. Or maybe I should say, it is up to us to be looking for what God is doing in our lives to make memorable moments.

But what happens often is we have these moments we will never forget, until later on. At some point the memory fades and we soon forget. That is what happened with the people of God.

I think that is why so many people take pictures or get tattoos. It gives them something to remember. It’s like building an altar to remind themselves what happened and why.

Why Altar’s?

So you will never forget what God has done for you.

Why Altar’s?

Because we have something to remember, and we need a altar to do it!

That’s how it suppose to be!

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