Where Do You Find Rejuvenation?

We all have those things that renew us. Those things that fill up our spirits and give us energy. And we all have those things that drain us and deplete our energies. It is so important to know where you get each. Because if we find ourselves doing more of the things that deplete us than energize us, we will find ourselves burnout and done. This can happen whether it is in your job, with your friends or even your family.

I have been working on my list and here is what I got so far:

1) Playing the Guitar
2) Watching Movies with My Family
3) Public Speaking/Brainstorming
4) Playing Golf
5) Reading

1) Excessive Counseling
2) Unnecessary Busy Work
3) Lack of Time with Family
4) Lack of Time with Friends
5) Too Much Structure

What rejuvenates you?

What depletes you?

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