What’s Under Your Couch?

My wife likes to rearrange the house. Every time she does we find things underneath the couch.

Not just toys and things the kids slide under there and forget about. But I mean nasty stuff.

The reason is because we don’t clean under there. No one sees it, so why bother. The only time it gets cleaned is when we move the furniture around. For some that is more often than others.

We do the same with our lives. We have areas of our life that collects our mess. And we just leave it there, because what’s the harm; no one sees it.

But never the less it is still there. Becoming nastier with every day that passes.

The difference is, in our lives that mess, if left alone, can create problems in other areas of our life.

We need to daily take a look at ourselves and find ways to cleanse our bodies of its impurities.

For me this starts with a specific time with God. To let Him speak into my life. I let His word show me where my life needs change, what areas need to be cleaned.

Once cleaned other areas of my life begin to thrive. We were never meant to hide our junk. We were meant to live free; we were meant to live at our best. And to live at our best, we need to clean house from time to time.

So, what’s under your couch?

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