7 Minutes A Day

Our church just finished a 30 day challenge we called 7 Minutes A Day. You can read the blog of how it works here.

This was a challenge to spend at least 7 minutes of intentional time with God everyday and see how it changes us.

Here are a few lessons I learned from my time:
1) I have no excuse not to spend time with God. 7 minutes a day was nothing.
2) Spending only a small amount of time with God can do amazing things in your life transformation. Imagine what would happen if I spent more time with Him.
3) The word of God is still alive, active and useful in today’s world.
4) Starting with small times of prayer made me want to keep talking to my Father longer and longer. We have a relationship you know.
5) The more time I spent in His word and in prayer the more I wanted to share my findings and go into the world and do something with what I was learning.

I want to challenge each of you to try this. We have created a 7 Minutes A Day page on Facebook you can join and post to Here.

It’s only 7 minutes a day, but it can change your life.

No excuses, just do it!

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