Destination vs. Transportation

When we disciple someone, as leaders, we worry a lot about getting people from A to B.

But often we spend too much time worrying about “how” we get someone to their destination, rather than the destination itself.

If the goal is to become like Jesus, what is more important: that we become like Jesus or the vehicle in which we use to get us there?

Leaders stop worrying about what it looks like; is it creative enough, clever enough, slick enough, good enough.

Each person is different. Each person arrives in a different way.

For some it might be a straight shot from A to B.

For others it might be filled with ups and downs getting from A to B.

And still for others it might filled with u-turns and full circles before they arrive at the destination.

And that is okay. Because the important thing isn’t how they get there, but that they do.

So leaders, stop worrying about the transportation and start concentrating on the destination.

I promise, Jesus will show you the way.

By the way, who are you discipling & who is discipling you?

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